Feb - 2017

Its Competition Time

How would you like to win a massive £1,000, well now you can we are giving 1 lucky author a chance to walk away with a cool prize of £1,000, For a chance to win £1,000 all you have to do is submit a template based on our chosen subject you will find the details below: Subject: Construction Categories: themes & Templates (website x5, serif webplus, xara web designer, adobe muse, wordpress, joomla, magento etc) Start & closing date: 10th febuary 2017 till 6th April 2017 Rules:
  • You must be a registered author on x5tuts.com
  • you must have at least 1 item submission before entering this competition
  • All submissions are checked manually by real people and may be refused if they are not as described.
  • You will have 60 days to complete your template or theme before the competition closes.
  • The final winner is selected 7 days after the closing date.
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