Regular Licence

A regular product license allows you use the purchased product for yourself in one End Product (An End Product is a theme, template, PSD, font or other product you purchased fromx5tuts where you customized that product for a single client or customer). The regular license provides you with the rights to create one single End Product for a client or customer or for yourself, and the End Product can be distributed for free to your client or customer. For example, an End Product can be a customized version of the item you purchased, such as a web template you bought from and modified for your client. A regular license gives you the ability to create or adapt an End Product and then transfer or sell that End Product to your client or customer for a fee you charge, i.e. for your unique customizations you’ve added to the End Product. You can modify the End Product you purchased from in any way you need to for your particular project. You can even combine the End Product with other works, such as purchasing a web template and then modifying that web template to work with WordPress or your own content management system (CMS) for example. However, this derivative work of the End Product can still only be sold to or transferred to one client or customer. You cannot, for example, purchase an End Product such as a web template or WordPress theme and then sell or give that template or WordPress theme to more than one client. Please note, our regular license is for a free End Product, and includes whether or not the product is used in the End Product in an editorial way. Our extended license is for an End Product that’s sold (whether or not the item is used in the end product in an editorial way). If you want to use an item in an editorial way in your end product, choose the regular license if your end product is distributed for free. Choose the extended license if your end product is sold to the end customer.

Extended Licence (Coming Soon)

An extended licenses is different in one notable way from the regular license. An extended license grants you, the purchaser, a license to make use of the End Product for yourself or for one client or customer. If you are planning to build a product for sale to your end users, an extended license would be needed. If the end users/customers you have need to pay to see the End Product, then you’d need an extended license. An example might be if you are planning to use an product you purchased from in a larger product you are selling. If you’re a commercial entity or business, this does not mean that you have to purchase an extended license for any particular product sold on You only need an extended license if your modified End Product is sold to end users. For any other assumed rights to use any author’s created scripts, code, images, or other digital works in an end product that you wish to sell outside of our extended license, you must have the author’s written permission. Regular or extended licenses also do not allow the purchaser to resell, package, or provide a copy of the purchased product from as-is or within any digital medium, i.e. a downloadable file package, copied and transferred via disk or CD, or otherwise.